Digital Thermostat


Digital Thermostat

The Digital Thermostat Module (DTM) display and provide space temperature, setpoint and fan mode/speed display for the Fan Coil Terminal Unit Controller. Using the Touch-Screen interface, the user can change room temperature setpoint, fan mode/speed.




Digital Thermostat

Model: 5105AT Digital Thermostat

Module CPU: 8 bit High Performance Micro Controller

Memory: 64K Flash Memory, 4K bytes RAM

Power supply: 30mA(DC) @ 24V(DC)

Power consumption: 10~20mA

Connection: Plug-screw clamp 0.2-2.5mm

Temperature: Operation 0 ~ +40° C              Storage -20 ~ +60° C

Admitted relative humidity: 5 ~ 90%, non-condensing

Dimensions: W89mm X H89mm X D38 mm

Mounting: Wall mount Set point

Adjustment Range:

Fahrenheit: 53.6 to 86°F                Centigrade: 12 to 30° C Set point Display


Fahrenheit: 1°F                              Centigrade: 0.5 ° C Temperature Display


Fahrenheit: 0.1°F                           Centigrade: 0.1° C