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UV stabilized HDPE yarn, stentered for ease of fabrication.

Lock stitch knit pattern with mono filament tape construction.

Nominal Fabric mass approximation – 110 – 120 GSM

Capable of enduring extreme climatic temperatures and provide maximum shade

Size – 3mtr x 50 mtr / 3mtr x 40mtr

Shade factor – 90 %

Suitable for Roofing as well as agricultural applications

PE Tarpaulin



12ft x 12ft 3.6m x 3.6m 2.59 kgs
12ft x 15ft 3.6m x 4.5m 3.24 kgs
12ft x 18ft 3.6m x 5.4m 3.90 kgs
15ft x 18ft 4.5m x 5.7m 5.13 kgs
18ft x 24ft 5.4m x 7.2m 7.78 kgs
20ft x 20ft 6.0m x 6.0m 7.20 kgs
20ft x 30ft 6.0m x 9.0m 10.80 kgs
24ft x 24ft 7.2m x 7.2m 10.36 kgs
24ft x 30ft 7.2m x 9.0m 12.90 kgs
24ft x 48ft 7.2m x 14.5m 20.00 kgs
30ft x 30ft 9.0m x 9.0m 16.20 kgs
30ft x 40ft 9.0m x 12m 21.60 kgs
40ft x 40ft 12m x 12m 28.80 kgs
40ft x 60ft 12m x 18m 43.20 kgs
50ft x 60ft 15m x 18m 54.00 kgs
60ft x 60ft 18m x 18m 64.80 kgs