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Foldable Rescue Ladder

Foldable Rescue Ladder

For the rescue of people in distress.  Can be stored in the bag, easy to carry. The shape is complete and the components are smooth and flat. Expand the life ladder, the ladder will not be twisted, deformed, the pedals will be stable and secure, and the fasteners will not be rusted.

Ladder width 301mm
Feet length 100mm;
Step spacing 302mm
Maximum height 10010mm
Step section size Ф25
Maximum number of carriers 4 people
Maximum load of single step 981N
Overall maximum load 3924N
Escape ladder deployment time 23s;
Weight 16kg


The suspension cable is a whole web without joints, the thickness of the webbing is 3 mm; the width of the webbing is 38 mm; The material of the hook is square steel, which meets the requirements of GB/T905-1994, and can adjust the width according to the thickness of the wall.

Garden Hose Reel

Garden Hose Reel

Sturdy Hose Real Cart With Wheels, Easy To Move Around Can Be Supplied With Various Required Sizes Of Hose

Rubber Traffic Cone

Rubber Traffic Cone Single mould

Size (W×H) 385 x 900
Weight 3.600 K.G
Certified By TS EN 13422 + A1
Application Sign board , warning light or chain can be  attached



Full of P.V.C place –Unbroken  – with two reflective tapes 270 C  –hole for chain –board can be a ached by adapter ,  available with or without weight Base

درجة –  فتحة من الأعلى لتثبيت جنزير  – يمكن تثبيت لوحة 270   شريط عاكس 2  –  غير قابلة للكسر – مصنوعة من مادة بي في سي  سنة1  مع أو بدون قاعدة الوزن ضمان – باستخدام الإكسسوار الخاص

Warning Post Barrier (Size – 80 x 1100 mm)

Product Specification 
Size – Width X Height 80 x 1100 mm
Weight 6.50 Kg
Material PPC Body – PVC Base
Features Heavy Duty and resistant to wind, Chain holes for barricading, Insert and twist lock system for base
Certified DIN EN 9001 : 2000, TSEK
Origin Turkey