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Ferrule Printer

Letatwin LM550

MAX LM-550A Tube Marking Machine for cable and panel marking jobs. The LM-550A has an enhanced feeding system that provides you with marking speed at 40mm/sec. Developed for maximizing cable marking job productivity.

Mitutoyo Digital MicrometerMitutoyo Digital Micrometer

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer

This Digimatic Tube Micrometer allows you to measure curved

surfaces such as the wall  thickness of tubes, bearings and rings.

With radius of anvil/spindle faces: carbide R=4 mm.

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Surftest SJ-210 [inch/mm]

Surftest SJ-210 [inch/mm]

This is a portable measuring instrument that allows you to easily and accurately measure surface roughness.


  • Skid system gives you user friendly and intuitive menu navigation.
  • It works independently of mains power, allowing you to make on-site measurements.
  • The 6.0 cm [2.4“] colour graphic, back-lit LCD gives you excellent readability.
  • It performs roughness analyses conform to various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS) and customized settings.
  • Different drivers expanding the range of applications.
  • Calculation results, assessed profiles, bearing and amplitude curves can be displayed.
  • Support of 21 languages.
  • Operation by keys on the front and under the sliding cover.