Surftest SJ-210 [inch/mm]


Surftest SJ-210 [inch/mm]

This is a portable measuring instrument that allows you to easily and accurately measure surface roughness.


  • Skid system gives you user friendly and intuitive menu navigation.
  • It works independently of mains power, allowing you to make on-site measurements.
  • The 6.0 cm [2.4“] colour graphic, back-lit LCD gives you excellent readability.
  • It performs roughness analyses conform to various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS) and customized settings.
  • Different drivers expanding the range of applications.
  • Calculation results, assessed profiles, bearing and amplitude curves can be displayed.
  • Support of 21 languages.
  • Operation by keys on the front and under the sliding cover.



Mass: 500 g
Traverse: 17.5 mm, 5.6 mm [S-type]
Measuring speed: 0.25 mm/s; 0.5 mm/s; 0.75 mm/s
Measuring range: 16 mm, 4.8 mm [S-type]
Measuring method: Differential inductance
Range: 360 µm
Stylus: Diamond Tip
Skid radius: 40 mm
Profiles: Roughness Profile (R), R-Motif, DF-Profile and more
Roughness standard: EN ISO, VDA, JIS, ANSI and customize settings
Digital filter: Gauss, 2CR75, PC75
Cut-off length: λc : 0.08 mm; 0.25 mm; 0.8 mm; 2.5 mm λs : 2.5 µm; 8 µm
Tolerance: Coloured upper / lower limit
Power supply: AC adapter or rechargeable battery