Safe Discharge Rod


Rods for the safe damp discharge of cables or equipment under test up to 35kv

The SF 35 are safe discharge rods, designed to conduct the safe

damp discharge of residual charge on a cable or piece of electrical

equipment with voltages up 35kV respectively by limiting the

discharge current.

The series features high grade glass fibre tubing and

incorporates encapsulated resistor chains and are supplied with

flexible cable with a heavy duty brass clamp

for easy earth connection.

Key Features

  •  Safe HV discharge rod for safe damp discharge of cables and / or equipment under test
  • Supplied with flexible cable with heavy duty brass clamp for easy earth connection
  • Robust single pole device
  • No switches
  • Suitable for voltages to 35kV
  • Supplied with cushion soft carrying case

Standard Accessories

  •  Earthing wire 10 x 5mtr
  • Yellow green wire
  •  Carry case


Technical Specification

Model No – SF  35

Discharge Voltage: 35kV AC/DC Maximum

Peak Discharge Current: 3.5A for 100ms

Voltage Safety Factor: > 75% of Max

Bleeder Resistance: 10K ohm

Discharge Capacitance: 6 µF

Leakage Current at 35 KV AC: <50 µA

Discharge Energy: 3675J

Cooling: Neutral

Total Size: 32mm x 950mm

Weight: 2.2 kg (Net)

Temperature: -5°C to 70°C

Safety: IEC/EN-61010-32, IEC 1230, EMC Not applicable