Oasis 1000 Water Purification Tablets

Available chlorine, per 1.7g tablet ppm in water


10L 16.6L 50L 100L



100 60 50 10



Makes Water Safe to Drink – Fast

Oasis 1000 (1.7g NaDCC Tablets) water purification tablets are rapid dissolving effervescent chlorine tablets lethal to pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi, and cysts. The tablets are suitable for emergency water disinfection and for treating water tanks and systems.

Emergency water disinfection: Dissolve 1 tablet per 100 litres of water to give 10ppm available chlorine, leave for 10 minutes before drinking. Always agitate the solution to ensure even distribution of the chlorine.

Water tank treatment: Dose tank to 5ppm available chlorine, leave for 5 minutes then drain. Using a suitable sanitising solution such as 200ppm solution mixed with neutral detergent, thoroughly clean the tank. Rinse off. Add tablets to achieve 60ppm, fill with water and leave for 16 hours. Check for a 50ppm chlorine residual then neutralise with sodium thiosulphate.

New pipe intallations: Dose the pipework to 50ppm for 30 minutes, check for a chlorine residual then drain off.

Water Volume in Litres for Treatment at a specific chlorine level: Each Oasis 1000 (1.7g) tablet will treat a 100 litre (20 gallon) tank at a level of 10ppm