Solar Powered Pole Barriers


High Strength and High durability solar unit which doesn’t break even if truck run over it.


  • Long life.. No Need frequent maintenance by electric double layer capacitor.
  • High visibility.. High luminance LED brightens in the dark.
  • Environment friendly… No use harmful heavy metal in battery because of solar battery



Material Solar Silicon Solar
Battery Lithium Battery
Light LED
Material Polycarbonate
Size Size Ø 108mm x 8Pcs
Weight 150g
LED Spec. LED Ø 5mm x 8Pcs
Light Type Blink
Blinking Cycle 120/min
LED Part Spec Blink Light: 8Pcs/Light: White/Visibility: 360 degrees
Illumination Level 300LUX – 500LUX
Brightness 8000mcd
Visible Distance 500m or more
Operation Operating Time 200 hours or more after full charge (Full charge time:20h)
Operating Temperature -20 degree C to + 70 degree C
Water proof Standard IP68
Electric standard Maximum Output 48mw
Suitable Voltage 3.21V
Suitable Current 600mA