S-Series Dunnage Racks And Camlink SF30 / SF48


S-Series Dunnage Racks

  • Keep Frozen, color or dry inventory 30,5cm safety off the floor.
  • One piece construction and sturdy legs provide strength and stability
  • Heavy duty polypropylene is safe to – 38c and will not rust, corrode or Bend. Choose slotted tops for maximum air circulation around perishable products
  • Solid tops catch spills for easy clean up.

Cam link

Cam link Connectors securely locks dunnage racks together for greater stability.

Color: Black (110)

Size SF 30 :   300(H) x 533(D) x 760(W)

Size SF 48 :   300(H) x 533(D) x 1220(W)

Load capacity: 1,360Kg

Model: SF30 / SF48