Power Inverters 700VA -1600VA


Power Inverters 700VA -1600VA

Model : SF 700


Technical Specification

Model SF 700
Technology Micro Controller Based PWM
Inverter Rated Power 700VA
Battery Nominal System Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
Input Parameters Voltage 220VAC
Selectable Voltage Range 115VAC~280VAC(For Personal Computers)
Frequency Range 50Hz(Auto sensing 44~68Hz)
Output Parameters AC mains mode output Automatic Voltage Regulation between 200VAC to 240VAC
Battery mode output 220VAC(±10% RMS)
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Frequency 5OHz±0.3 Hz
Crest Factor 3:1
Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Inverter Efficiency(Peak) >80%
Line Mode Efficiency >95%
Typical Transfer Time Typical 2~6ms ,10ms max
Battery Nominal Input Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
Minimum Start Voltage 10.5VDC 21.0VDC
Low Battery Alarm 10.5±0.3V 21.0VDC±0.6V
Low Battery Cutoff 10.0VDC±0.3V 20.0VDC±0.6V
High Voltage Alarm 15.5VDC±0.3V 31.0VDC±0.6V
High Battery Voltage Recovery 15.0VDC±0.3V 30.0VDC±0.6V
Recommended Battery Size 100AH-200AH
Technology Charger Voltage 14.0V±0.2 28.0V±0.4
Charging Algoritham 5 stage charging
Overcharge Protection S.D. 15.5VDC 31.0VDC
Maximum Charge Current 10A or 20A (±5A)
Protection Overload automatically shutdown if load exceeds 120% of rated value for 30 seconds, automatically resume work if overload comes back to rated load
Voltage DC Over/Under Voltage
Inverter Over/Under Voltage
Built in Soft/Cold Start
Output Short Circuit Fuse
Bypass Breaker Rating 10A
Max Bypass Current 10Amp
Environment Operation Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C
Audible   Noise 60dB MAX
Other Dimensions (W*H*D) 390*350*200mm 496*365*238
Weight (kg) 10.5Kg 11Kg 13kg 15kg
Display LED