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3 Channel Cable Protector


Size (L×W×H) 900 x 500 x 95
Weight 17 K.G
Materia Rubber
Chanel Size W 60 x H 55
Application Can be joined together and fixed on road with 10×90×18mm screws and anchors

4 Drum low profile spill containment Pallet

4 Low Profile Drum Spill Containment Pallet is constructed of yellow high density polyethylene (HDPE) for excellent durability and chemical resistance. Features a sump capacity of 66 gallons and black HDPE flat top grating which removes easily for cleaning. Forkliftable design with a drain. Meets EPA requirements for secondary spill containment of hazardous materials (40 CFR 264.175).

5 Channel Cable Protector

Size: 900mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 50mm (H)


  • High density polyurethane construction.
  • Modular interlocking design
  • Safety surface pattern.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress (tank transporters, tanker lorries up to 44 tons)
  • Adapted to extreme temperatures
  • High UV resistance
  • Adaptable to all types of terrain, including uneven ground
  • Ground anchoring hole for easy maintenance work
  • Removable cover for easy transport
  • High strength: mechanical resistance much higher than maximum permitted lords
  • High temperature resistance up to 60ambient temperature


Aluminum Edger

Aluminum Edger

Available in different sizes

Mill Natural Alumn

Clean Line

15PCS / 120
Clean line Size

1/8” x 5.5” x 8”

Basrasti fencingbarasti fencing

Barasti Fencing

Barasti Fencing

Barasti Fencing are available in the following sizes :

  • 2mtr x 2mtr
  • 2.5mtr x 2.5mtr
  • 3mtr x 3mtr

Blanket Double Ply

Blanket Double Ply

Size 160 x 37.00  222cm
Weight 3.5 Kgs
Make SFS Jalbab


  • Original Super Soft
  • Royal Spain Jacquered

Double Tool Pouch

Double Tool Pouch

  • Size – 330 x 160 x 430 mm
  • Multi – Use outside pockets organize tools and accessories
  • Padded reinforced web carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Will not scratch counter tops, floors or upholstery like metal tool boxes
  • Heavy duty stitching and bar tacking at all stress points

EX Flammable Safety Cabinet, Cap. 90 gallons, 2 shelves, 2 self-close doors

Protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by storing flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant safety cabinets. Designed to meet OSHA and NFPA standards, Sure-Grip® EX cabinets are constructed of sturdy 18-gauge (1-mm) thick double-wall, welded steel with 1-1/2” (38-mm) of insulating air space for fire resistance. High-performance, self-latching doors close easily and securely for maximum protection under fire conditions. Fail-safe closing mechanism ensures three-point stainless steel bullet latching system works every time.

For added security, U-Loc handle comes with a cylinder lock and key set or accepts an optional padlock. Haz-Alert reflective warning labels are highly visible under fire conditions or during power outages when illuminated with a flashlight.

Patented SpillSlope® galvanized steel shelves direct spills to back and bottom of a leakproof 2” (51-mm) bottom sump. They adjust on 3” (76-mm) centers for versatile storage. Cabinets also feature dual vents with flame arresters, four adjustable self-leveling feet, grounding connector, and trilingual warning label. Durable lead-free epoxy/polyester powder-coat finish provides excellent chemical resistance.

Manual-close door(s) opens to a full 180 degrees and self-latches when pushed closed. Self-close door(s) shuts and latches automatically when a fusible link melts at 165°F (74ºC) under fire conditions. Unique, concealed self-closing mechanism offers obstruction-free access to contents.

All door styles meet OSHA and NFPA 30; self-close door styles also meet NFPA 1 and the International Fire Code.

Most cabinets are FM approved and all come with a ten-year warranty.