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3 Channel Cable Protector


Size (L×W×H) 900 x 500 x 95
Weight 17 K.G
Materia Rubber
Chanel Size W 60 x H 55
Application Can be joined together and fixed on road with 10×90×18mm screws and anchors

4 Drum low profile spill containment Pallet

4 Low Profile Drum Spill Containment Pallet is constructed of yellow high density polyethylene (HDPE) for excellent durability and chemical resistance. Features a sump capacity of 66 gallons and black HDPE flat top grating which removes easily for cleaning. Forkliftable design with a drain. Meets EPA requirements for secondary spill containment of hazardous materials (40 CFR 264.175).

5 Channel Cable Protector

Size: 900mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 50mm (H)


  • High density polyurethane construction.
  • Modular interlocking design
  • Safety surface pattern.
  • High resistance to mechanical stress (tank transporters, tanker lorries up to 44 tons)
  • Adapted to extreme temperatures
  • High UV resistance
  • Adaptable to all types of terrain, including uneven ground
  • Ground anchoring hole for easy maintenance work
  • Removable cover for easy transport
  • High strength: mechanical resistance much higher than maximum permitted lords
  • High temperature resistance up to 60ambient temperature


50 Gallon Oil Spill Kit

Wheeled Oil spill kit gives the absorption power you need to clean up larger spills

  • Wheeled over pack spill kit that absorb up to 35 gallons
  • 6” Polyolefin wheels allow for easy steering through doorways and around obstacles
  • X-rated for packing groups I, II and III
  • Assists you in complying with HAZWOPER Regulation 29 CFR 1910.120 (j) (1) (vii)
  • Allows you to keep a DOT container with a proper amount of absorbents to contain spills
  • Meets 49 CFR173.3(c) DOT requirements for salvage drums to be used as shipping containers
  • Over pack measures 24-1/2”Dia x 39-1/2”H

Oil only kit contains:

  • 40 Pads – 16” x 20”
  • 6 Socks – 3” x 8’
  • 5 Socks – 3” x 4’
  • 2 Sump Pillows -18” x 18”
  • 2 Pillows – 18” x 18”
  • 5 Disposable Bags
  • 1 Pair Ni-trile Gloves
  • 1 Pair Goggles
  • 1 Emergency Response Guidebook

50m Cable Extension Reel 13A

13A 240V~
BS6500 3 X 1.25 SQMM
BS EN 61242



Constructed from a non-conductive fiberglass-resin composite, the Adjustable Safety Cage is fully adjustable and easy to transport with its Tip & Glide™ Wheels. The setup is fast and simple enough to be performed by a single individual. Equipped with adjustable outriggers for stability, you are sure to feel secure and safe. The Adjustable Safety Cage is also equipped with Wheel Lift™ casters* to easily move the cage while fully deployed.


UV stabilized HDPE yarn, stentered for ease of fabrication.

Lock stitch knit pattern with mono filament tape construction.

Nominal Fabric mass approximation – 110 – 120 GSM

Capable of enduring extreme climatic temperatures and provide maximum shade

Size – 3mtr x 50 mtr / 3mtr x 40mtr

Shade factor – 90 %

Suitable for Roofing as well as agricultural applications

Bird Spike System

Bird Spike System

Stainless Steel Pigeon Bird Spikes are used on buildings and structures to prevent birds from landing and roosting. Pigeon spikes are an effective, humane and cost-effective bird control solution that will not harm birds. Our pigeon spikes come in 2 ft. sections, are ready to use, easy to install with no assembly or maintenance required.

Blanket Double Ply

Blanket Double Ply

Size 160 x 37.00  222cm
Weight 3.5 Kgs
Make SFS Jalbab


  • Original Super Soft
  • Royal Spain Jacquered

Cage Trolley

Mesh Truck

This cart is suitable for medium size garden. Two-Piece handle for hand or tractor/mower towing. All steel construction, four hinged drop sides, turntable steering, pneumatic wheel with bearings.

Chela Blue – Tab

Chela Blue – Tab

A Controlled Release Product for Clean, Bacteria & Mould Free Condensation Trays- For use

In commercial cooling system.

Size (Tonnage) System Type Usage (Units)
2-5 FCU 1
10-20 AHU 2
20-50 AHU 3